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1. - Make a submission 


**Please note. Submissions to the QLD Law Reform Commission have now closed. You can read Abortion Rethink's submission here. 


Making a Submission to the Queensland Law Reform Commission

& Having a Voice in Abortion Law Reform


Your say matters to the Queensland Law Reform Commission currently tasked with eventually drafting a bill on ‘abortion law reform’ for the state.

They’ve asked anyone who has experience with abortion, unplanned pregnancy, or medical practice in Queensland or interstate to submit documents to inform them on how potential new abortion laws should be written.


Our community deserves the best and our research shows that women already have ample access to termination in Queensland but suffer greatly due to lack of decision making support and not being provided with real, caring options.


How to submit

  • Submissions may be handwritten (as long as they are eligible) or typed
  • Submissions may be submitted via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Or Fax:

(07) 3247 9045

  • Or post:

The Secretary

Queensland Law Reform Commission

PO Box 13312 George Street Post Shop

QLD 4003

What to submit

So, there are specific Terms of Reference that your submission should seek to abide by insofar as it answers one or more of the questions on page v-vii here:

Law Reform Commission’s Terms of Reference.  

It’s important to remember that it’s not whether there should be abortion law at all. Look upon it as the Commission asking: ‘What does the ideal abortion law look like?’


-     How do you think abortion should be regulated, if at all?

-    What legal safeguards would you like to see to ensure that women facing unplanned or problematic pregnancy in Australia are given the full range of support, options and care?



By answering the Commission’s questions, (found at the end of this doc,) you can utilise this rare opportunity to have a say in the future of abortion laws in Queensland.


You can answer as many or as few questions as you like. You can choose to answer whichever questions are most relevant to your interests, background and concerns.


  • If your concerns relate to the lack of counselling & support for women, then you could discuss this as an answer to Question No. 13.

Gestational Limits...

  • If you have feedback on possible gestational limits at which abortions can be performed, then you could include a response to Question No. 3, and No. 4 if desired.

Consultation with multiple Medical Practitioners….

  • If you’d like to share your thoughts on requirements for multiple doctors’ input around an abortion, you can answer Question No. 8, and Questions 9 & 10 if desired.

Conscientious Objection…

  • If you would like to share your thoughts on conscientious objection for doctors & other medical and counselling staff - then you can answer Question No. 11: Should there be provision for conscientious objection?’

Reasons for Abortion...

  • If you have comments on what, if any, reasons should be required for an abortion should be performed, you can answer Question No. 5, and if required, Questions 6 & 7.

Feel free to mention other areas of concern


You may share your thoughts on who should provide this counselling, when it should be offered, and what qualifications counsellors may require.

Personal Stories…

Including a personal story to support your answer to a question is a very powerful way of making your point.  

You may have a story relating to abortion and unplanned pregnancy - perhaps you or someone you know has experienced an unplanned pregnancy, or you may have been pressured to terminate a pregnancy by a medical professional, friend or family member. Or you could have professional experience in navigating unplanned pregnancy as a counsellor or medical worker.

- Sign the new Petition

This is a brand new petition, released at the begiining of 2018. If you signed either of the petitions against the Rob Pyne bills in 2016/2017, then you need to sign this petition as well.

Need help? Click here for a step by step guide. 


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Abortion Rethink holds regular Community Mobilisation Events where Queenslanders can gather to share their concern for the women of Queensland. Get equipped, empowered and informed. Share your thoughts with other concerned Queenslanders and receive assistance with writing a letter to your local Member of Parliament. If you don't live in Brisbane, you can even host your own event!

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4. - Donate

Support our Efforts in Rethinking Abortion in Australia

Please support our efforts to question proposed changes to abortion in Australia. Be a voice for women, medicos and the community. 


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