5 Points to Ponder on abortion


  1. Informed Choice & Counselling   

An abortion choice is a complex and deeply personal one. As with any serious and permanent decision, it is vital that women have access to all the information, support, options and advocacy that they may require in order to make an informed choice.

All women have the right to make a decision in an environment maximised to empower them to best honour their personal values and beliefs.

Sadly many women have reported that their choosing experience was one where pressure, lack of information and lack of other choices were rife, and that they experienced indecision, uncertainty and trauma even at the time of the procedure.


  1. A Real Choice in Pregnancy 

Many women find the decision making process greatly impacted by the views of those around them. Partners, parents and friends of women are frequently involved with a bias towards a particular outcome. They may genuinely believe this outcome is best for the woman, or they may be solely in pursuit of their own interests.

There have been numerous cases of women being heavily pressured by their male partners to undergo an abortion when that may not be their first or true choice.

A void of support creates an environment where a woman is not empowered to have a choice  - one that is truly her own.


  1. Medical Pressure

Women have reported pressure to abort, lack of information and alternate treatments, and general unwillingness to support women through problematic pregnancies from doctors, clinics and hospitals in Australia.

An unplanned or problematic pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. She has the right to unbiased medical care, a second opinion from a specialist where appropiate, and respect from the medical community for her decisions and wishes. 


  1. Physical and Mental Health

Scientific and empirical evidence shows that abortion can have a detrimental effect on some women’s physical and/or mental health.mental health. These effects can range from negative emotional effects including depression, anxiety,, substance abuse and disenfranchised grief, to physical effects such as infection, uterine perforation or hemmorrage. A small percentage of women suffer from varying degrees of PTSD and an increased risk of suicide - up to 6 times that of other women.

A procedure such as abortion which can have a serious effect on women’s health must be treated by our community with the care, consideration and ready availability of information that is required for any high risk experience. These provisions can include options counselling, post abortion counselling and follow up care.

It is also important not to forget the effect of being involved with abortion on the mental health of medical professionals.


  1.  Medicos Rights

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others will all be affected by changing abortion law to allow abortion up to birth on demand.

To obligate doctors to direct a patient towards an abortion when they believe it is not her best interests may force them to go against their calling of best care and treatment for all patients. According to the United Nations Bill of Rights, to which Australia is a signatory, all medical professionals have the right to freedom of conscience, which includes declining to participate in abortion.