How to Sign the Qld Abortion Petition


You have 2 options when signing the Parliamentary Petition against making any changes to current Queensland abortion law. 

You can sign online, OR you can collect handwritten signatures for physical presentation to Parliament. Please note that you have to be a Queensland resident to sign either petition. 


1. E-Petition 

This is the NEW e petition that was launched on July 19 2018. It is in addition to the e-petition that closed in May of this year.

 Click HERE: 

You may find the following instructions helpful: 

E ptition Round 2 No. 1


How to sign petition 2



How to sign petition 3

2. Handwritten Petition 


This is also a NEW, but in this case HANDWRITTEN, Parliamentary Petition that also launched in July 2018.

 Here are detailed instructions on completeing the NEW Qld Abortion Parliamentary handwritten petition:

Download a copy of the petition here.


1. Print out and collect handwritten signatures from fellow Queenslanders.

2. Post the sheet to the address included at the bottom of the petition. You can have as few as one signature per sheet, or even better, you can collect multiple pages of sigantures. 




1. Who can sign?

 Anyone who is a Queensland resident. Those under 18 can sign as long as they have the capacity to understand what they are signing.


2. Where can I get signatures?

Anywhere you like. Your work, friends, university, child's school, parents group, church, club, or community organisation are all great places to start. You can also share this page on social media to encourage others to print copies and sign. Why not snap a pic and send it to us for sharing on our soila media pages? 


3. How can I explain the Bill to others?

 Both those identifying as pro choice and pro life have serious concerns with this Bill. 

Difference copyA quick explanation of what this Bill's about, compared to the equally flawed failed Rob Pyne bills from 2017, can be found here.


4. How many signatures can I collect?

 As many as you like! You can print out as many copies of the page linked above as you need. 


5. Where do I post the completed copies? 

 A postal address is provided on the bottom of the petition form. 


Now spread the word and share this page with all your friends!