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RN Maria's thoughts...


'Working as a nurse for the past 16 years, I have cared for women who have experienced the trauma of abortion and crisis pregnancy.
When I was working in Recovery, the initial response of the women coming out of the operating theatre who had just had an abortion was devastating. Their initial response was tears of such sadness for what they had done and of complete regret.
Now working as an Emergency nurse, it is not uncommon for women to present as a patient to find out they are pregnant. So many times the response from the health professional goes down a path of not offering the woman support for her and her unborn child. Instead, a response of, "Is that ok? What do you want to do?" 
Why, as a society should we think that a mother would want to end her little baby's life? What does this say about our care and concern for women's psychological wellbeing? Abortion is a traumatic procedure that no woman would choose if she didn't feel she had to. Women deserve better than abortion as a default option.'


Emergency doctor 'Anna' - 


'My take on this is that the whole point of this campaign is to use ideological reasoning to dominate medical standards of care.

When I went through obstetric training in med school they taught us that we cared for two patients- not just one- in pregnancy- we had a duty of care to both. I see this as colonising of Medicine by ideologes.

Those of us who stick with our training and the do no harm ethos of Medicine are being coerced into an ideological position that is neither scientific nor medical. I think the normalisation and attempt to force the injury to conscience onto doctors is a key part of the underlying reason for this bill.

They want legitimacy- and they are willing to use coercion to invade carefully crafted professions who intentionally protect life and do not use the means and standing they have in the community to in any way threaten life. These laws mess up medicine's underlying ethos and that will affect us all.'


RN, Foster Carer & Compassion Child Advocate Kara Thomas:


'If 97% of women are having abortions for psycho-social reasons, then we need to look at what these needs are and provide life-affirming options as well such as flexible-learning, greater flexibility of working hours, social support networks and realistic adoption or foster care options. Unlimited abortion is not choice, it’s a reflection of desperation and that we are failing women and that women are settling for less.'